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Letter to Fulford, York City dated 10 January 2002

Traffic impact connected to Germany Beck Proposed Development

Could the following information, referred to in the Germany Beck Application be provided by the developers.

1. The baseline traffic flows and accident statistics supplied by the Council.

2. Copies of the reports from MVA and the Colin Buchanan Partnership

3. It would be very helpful if the developers could provide a copy of PPG13, the IHT Guidelines, the DETR advice manual and guidance notes to set alongside with the planning application as these are not available to the public through libraries. Without them it is impossible to check or assess the claims made.

(All from page 69 (Volume II) of planning application.)

Other questions

The figures in the application for the traffic generated (9.5.19) indicate that 550 vehicles will be added to the flow during the morning peak (excluding developers vehicles) and 582 in the evening rush. If the flow exceeds 5% (9.3.7) apparently a major investigation should be undertaken. As this investigation is not recommended, it implies the absurd figure of more than 11,000 movements along the road during the rush hours. Could they be asked to explain this discrepancy?

Could they explain the claim that most of the traffic problems will be caused by the developer's vehicles during the building phase which they point out will be temporary. The 60 movements a day (9.3.8) will certainly be insignificant compared with the thousands from the new residents. But why are the daily traffic movements not included in the application? The claim made is certainly true but utterly irrelevant.

Given the acknowledged, routine tail-back on the A19 of 2 miles (9.4.29) there is no estimate included of how much longer this will become or if it might block traffic exiting from the ring road. Could we therefore see the results of the DETR capacity assessment programme PICADY to see what the effect is on the proposed junction with the A19.

The questions were not put and the information requested has not been made available so far. (A restricted view of one document was obtained in June 02)


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