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This is the list of questions for York Planners

  • When English Heritage wrote in 2003 that Germany Beck was the probable site of the battle, why did you ignore them?
  • When English Heritage said your work was ‘inadequately specified’ in 2004, why didn’t you address the problem?
  • Why do you repeat the fallacy that ‘the absence of proof is proof of absence’ when you know you have done no work to look for the battlefield?
  • Why have you blocked access to the recycling hearth areas?
  • Why have you never inspected the hearth material or taken it into account in the protracted process since you have known about them since 2004?
  • Why did you move the ‘red line’ for the planning zone to include the first of the recycling hearths just after we told you what we had found there? I note that you are not putting any buildings or earth works there but designating it a wood means no archaeology can be required.
  • Why did you not conduct a full metal detecting survey of the site since your own analysis had identified the likelihood that the battle took place on the site?  It is the most obvious piece of work if you are looking for evidence of iron-clad warriors fighting with iron weapons. Were you afraid of what you might find? How can you justify this failure to investigate?
  • When you were told to address all of the evidence in the battlefield report, Finding Fulford’ why did you fail to do so?
  • Why did you originally claim you had dated the peat that fills much of the Germany Beck ditch? When you were forced to do the work, why have you ignored the Carbon-14 evidence that proves the beck was in its current location well before 1066?
  • Why do you claim that the land has been significantly altered since your own research shows that it is almost unchanged since 1066?
  • Why have you failed to respect agreements entered between the City planners and Chas Jones in respect of three different projects where you were supposed to cooperate?
  • Why have you tried to pass off one of the drainage ditches that connect to Germany Beck as representing the beck itself? You know Germany Beck was carved during the last ice age.
  • Why did you submit a list of alternative sites for the battle that were nowhere near Fulford as a part of the site designation consultation? You worked with English Heritage to concoct ‘evidence’ to support your ‘story’ in the revised Heritage landscape Appraisal of 2005. So was this another cooperative effort with them because your suggestions were all complete rubbish even though English Heritage cite them as a reason for their uncertainty?  How can you justify this behaviour as a professional archaeologist?
  • Why has your work adjacent to the A19 along the line of the access road failed to report the stone surface that lines the ford?
  • Why was the site archaeologist prevented from answering my questions about the surface of the ford when you were forced to give me a tour of your site in 2003?
  • Why does your report on the work adjacent to the A19 make the contradictory claims that the land was surprisingly firm and also that it was too soft to dig? My own trench was just .9m deep and reached the stone surface of the ford.
  • Why have you ignored every since error and suggestion I made when responding to the WSI?
  • Why was I able to see that you planned to approve the WSI while the consultation was still going on?
  • Why have you failed to enforce any quality control which has allowed Persimmon to breach the agreed methodolgy?
  • Can you suggest another location for the battle of Fulford which fits the facts?

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