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29 May 2005


Dear Sir


Germany Beck outline plan


As one of the contributors to the 7 hour planning marathon I would like to compliment the Council members who listened to many short presentations. The questions they asked were informative and incisive. As one of those opposing the application, I can have no complaint about this part of the procedure


I was, however, a little surprised that the applicants professional advisers were allowed to re-state their case alongside any protesters. The development team has, after all, had years to prepare their application. I can see the sense in having these consultants available for questioning. Why do they need to address the meeting?


The developerís agents were also called to speak after any opposition. I know this intimidated some speakers. I am not clear why the developer should be accorded this privilege. However, if they are allowed to speak after the opposition, there must be a right to reply.


There is another defect in our planning system which puts opponents at a major disadvantage. Opponents have their work edited by Council officers. The dozens of documents submitted about the battle of Fulford were summarised in just 10 lines and none of the evidence was presented to the planning committee.


The result, in this case, was that the members of the planning committee were not aware of the mass of evidence that the Fulford Battlefield Society has produced to demonstrate the location of the battle.


We must now hope that the threat to this important national and European heritage site will be recognised and a public enquiry ordered at which time the powerful body of evidence, overlooked by the planning committee, can be examined.


The fight goes on.



Chas Jones

Fulford battlefield Society


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