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We’ve already got the road signs. How can they pretend the battle is not there and bury the battle below a new road?

LIDAR shows the breach in the moraine. This is Germany Beck where the Viking advance to York was blocked on 20 September 1066.

This is the battlezone. The green areas are still to be searched as the work was blocked by the developer, Persimmon whose HQ is in Fulford!

We were able to build a model of the 1066 land surface and identify the ‘Foule ford’ (muddy ford). It helped explain the description of the battle.

We found several smithing hearth bottoms and bits of hearth.

National experts identified the tools and billets of iron around the hearths.

These hearth areas, all along the battle, had slag, tools and billets.

Universities helped drill cores so we could reconstruct the 1066 landscape.

Many part-made weapons were identified including tanged-arrows and axes from the hearth areas.

These portable anvils were driven into a block of wood. We think the work was abandoned after Stamford Bridge.

We searched a wide area but we only found hearth items like these sharpening stones in the battle zone.

We are still finding iron. In August 2013 we found these on the surface of the ford where the road is planned.

Dan Snow films for BBC One Show in 2013.

Mr ‘Horrible Histories’ filmed Viking-method of charcoal making at Fulford

Primary school children march to the battlefield and re-live the battle.

Up to 100 turn up for the battlefield walks, whatever the weather!

We made a Bayeux-style tapestry which has been to both Houses of Parliament.

King Harald of Norway (red blob, bottom left) crossed the beck when the tide fell, outflanking the English.

The battle site has changed little since 1066 and enjoys easy access (except when it floods of course).

There were many water vole habitats but these have been destroyed in spite of excellent Police action to save them.

(Left) They are preparing to build the access onto a road that is already technically over-capacity and which has flooded 3 times in 18 months. Now DfT are contributing  £1.9 million  to save a bad plan. Any access road should be onto high ground.

Key archaeological information provided by the developers is wrong and/or misleading. The image (right) shows the layer of stones that covers the ford was not reported. These mistakes, identified a decade ago,  have been completely ignored.

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