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PRESS RELEASE - 18 September 2003



Fulford Battlefield Society secures first round funding

from the Lottery Heritage Initiative


A local society conducting research into the ‘forgotten battle of 1066’ is now up and running after securing funds from the Lottery Heritage Initiative.


Chas Jones, chairman of the Fulford Battlefield Society, is delighted to announce that the society’s bid has been approved and looks forward to using the money (£25,000) to support various research  projects over the coming months.  With help from specialists like the York Metal Detectorists and York Archaeological Trust, the Fulford team is excited about unearthing more evidence in the village and wants to promote the forgotten battle as an important part of York’s heritage.


Chas says “This is a fantastic opportunity for local people to get involved in digging some dirt on the Vikings.  There is lots of interesting work to do and this unique project will promote a better understanding of what took place when Harald Hardraada’s army marched on York on 20 September 1066.”  The Anglo Saxons put up a brave fight but were eventually routed by thousands of Viking warriors.  Chas believes that the Battle of Fulford may have been bigger than the Hastings bash a few weeks later.  Fulford Parish Council is actively supporting the group’s aims to promote local history and build a permanent memorial in the village.


To mark the 937th anniversary of the battle, Chas and Hardraada’s horde will be conducting a guided tour of the Fulford site this Saturday.  Setting off at 3.30pm from the southern entrance of the McArthur Glen designer outlet, the tour should last about 45 minutes and walking boots or good shoes are advisable.  If you want to get involved then please come along on Saturday or visit www.BattleOfFulford.org.uk for more information.




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