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There is a lot happening at Fulford in May


Unless otherwise stated, the events have been organised by Fulford Battlefield Society.


Wednesday 18

The launch of the Timeline York Plus website. As a part of our Lottery-funded project, we have been preparing a website. Rather than just listing what is going on at Fulford, the site has been developed as a community resource under the auspices of all of the Heritage groups in and around the city. The system has been designed to be very easy to use and has interactive directories to find resources and a calendar.


The system will be demonstrated by the developers, RedBlack Software of York and users will be able to setup their own website.


The location is Room 18 at the central library, York. The reception runs from 5.30 to 7.30. Refreshments available. The media are welcome to come and talk to the sponsors, developers and users.


Thursday 19

A dramatised presentation of the events of 1066 seen thorough the eyes of King Harold and his brother Tostig. This is a private function for the SCR at the University but if you thought your group might be interested, please get in touch.


Friday 20

1.      The Fulford parish Council has been mandated to organise a protest. The first part will be to picket motorists on the A19

2.      A team from Leeds University are returning to taking some deep, soil cores in Fulford. They have been helping us as a part of our Lottery Funded project to investigate the battlefield. We will be working all day in the playing fields, by kind permission of Fulford PC, beside Germany Beck. The team should be set up and working by 10am. 


Saturday 21

1.      As a part of our project to produce a Yorkshire preface to the Bayeux Tapestry, we will be using natural dyes to prepare the wool we are going to use.

2.      There will also be a protest march, organised by the Parish Council, to protest at the proposed developments in Fulford.


Sunday 22

Is our monthly field work day. This month we have a lot of pottery cleaning and identification to do. We also want to arrange the 1000+ non-ferrous pieces we have collected so far. Teams will be going out with the soil augers to continue the hunt for the Roman road.

The team will be continuing the work of dying the fibres for the tapestry.

We meet at Fulford Social Hall at 10am.


Wednesday 25

Martin Hammond, author of the report on the Yorkshire Ings, will be delivering a talk at Fulford Social Hall about the Ings environment. The talk starts at 8pm. Doors open at 7.30 for coffee. He will be back on Saturday to run a practical course for those interested.


Thursday 26

The City of York Council will be meeting to debate the Germany Beck proposal. The meeting is in the Guildhall and probably starts at 2pm.  At this meeting, the full planning meeting will decide if the planning application to build 700+ houses. (The details will not be confirmed until just 5 days before the meeting but we have been warned that this is the date).


Saturday 28

Martin Hammond will be repeating last years, over-subscribed micro course on hedge dating. Learn how much the hedgerows can reveal about the local heritage. There is a 5 charge. Use the www.timelineyp.info site to sign up.


All dates are May 2005


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