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The Planning Green paper, 1066 and all that.


The DTLR Green Paper on Planning closed for consultation on 18th March. As an ordinary citizen my views on planning merit little attention. But as a person attempting to identify and preserve a neglected piece of our heritage I believe there is a story.

Everybody knows what happened in 1066 yet the largest of the 3 battles in the autumn of that year is almost forgotten. Three weeks before the Battle at Hastings, the Viking invaders beat the Northern earls at Fulford. It was a hard fought victory and the invaders were themselves defeated and almost wiped out 5 days later between Stamford Bridge and their boats moored at Riccall 17Km away.

My concerns about the future role of the third parties in the planning process are set out in my response to the Green Paper. It is an appeal to strengthen independent voices. It is already an unequal struggle with the developer and elected representative's interests linked by the deals ('planning obligations') they do. The planning officers have had their independence compromised in common, apparently, with other civil servants and are working under instruction. I am particularly alarmed at para 6.22 which appears to preclude any debate on this point.

Why me?

My recent interest in planning has arisen as a result of my attempts to prevent an access road being built across the site of the battle of Fulford. It has taken over a year to assemble the evidence for the site which has been lost for almost a millennium. English Heritage will review the evidence on 28 March which has already been checked by several eminent historians who have been advising  me.  I would, in due course, be willing to give their names as they would be doubtless be able to give you a better story that me.

In addition to its unique position of this battle in our history, there are 4 features that make this site very special.

  • 1.      Almost all of the area has public access,

  • 2.      It is a short walk from the centre of York ,

  • 3.      The surrounding area is an SSSI and

  • 4.      It has been little disturbed by building or plough since 1066.


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