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David Aaronovitch BBC


9 November 2005


Dear Mr A


I have just enjoyed the latest, refreshing programme on the Viking Way as I put the finishing touches to a book on the subject of the 1066 battle at Fulford.


There is an untold news story in the likely fate of this battlefield.


I have been leading a Lottery funded group for the last 5 years to help locate and publicise the existence of this great battle which took place a few weeks before the clash at Hastings. We have been very successful with the location. So successful indeed that those who want to build 750 houses on the site banned our work two years ago.


However, I have so far failed to draw this to the attention of the nation media. The BBC has made a short film and recently BBC World service did another. Local coverage is good but nationally there is silence in spite of regular new feeds. We are even working of what we call the Yorkshire Preface to the Bayeux Tapestry in the hope of getting some attention. Only Martin Wainwright picked up a recent story and turned it into something else.


I have been frustrated in my attempts to the media pick up the story about the threat to this site and there are so many angles to this story. At least we have a public enquiry next year. But with the developers refusing to do the relevant work until the enquiry is complete and our work now banned. (We wanted to return to explore a hoard of weapon billets and extensive evidence of some short-term iron working at the centre of the site but even this has been refused).


As somebody with a sense of irony you might appreciate that the developers are denying that this is the site of the battle but have agreed to fund a trail on the site explaining the battle when this was requested at the planning meeting which approved the application.


If you would like the full story, or can pass it onto one of your colleagues, I would be very happy to halp.



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