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William of Malmesbury

William was born about the year 1090(±5) in Wiltshire. Like Orderic Vitalis, his father was Norman and his mother English. He spent his whole life in England with his most productive working years as a monk at Malmesbury Abbey. He is a southern chronicler and died about 1143, among the last of the ‘conquest’ historians whose works have survived for us to study.

He records that ‘Edwin and Morcar, two brothers who used their power as one...’ and vigorously drove Tostig out in the summer of 1066. But deals with Fulford with the words, ‘they [the joint armies of Harald and Tostig] attacked, defeated and besieged in York’.[i]

The value of William's writing lies in the way he describes the processes of historical research and way he synthesises the various sources.

[i] William of Malmesbury  Gesta Regnum Angulorum   Mynors, Thomson & Winterbottom book 2,228


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