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Ian Reynolds


8 Novembber 2004

Dear Mr Reynolds

Further to my letter of the 21 October, I hoped it has reached you and await your response with interest. Timing is an important factor in our research. I am accustomed to waiting several months for the developers and their agents to provide a dismissive reply, but I hope that you can bring some urgency to these exchanges.

I mentioned in my last letter that your statement about the need for no further work is misleading. After consulting the City of York Council, I think that the statement about recent consultation with them on the subject of metal detecting is also inaccurate. The officers have no record that the developerís archaeological consultant, MAP have been in contact since the site meeting. They might have been referring to a discussion some months earlier which touched on the matter.

I can confirm the facts are as stated in my previous letter are correct. The mitigation strategy, to overcome the shortcomings in the existing work, calls for a full metal survey. I would again ask that permission is given for this work to be undertaken while the land is suitable. 

I also wanted to tell you that I observed two 4WD vehicles make their way onto the land along Germany Beck last Wednesday at about 7.45pm.  They turned off their lights when they left the parking bay beside the A19 but was able to follow their progress whenever they used their brake and reversing lights. I was not in a position to investigate what they were planning but thought you should know.

I still hope we can find a way forward that will allow our research to be completed.

Yours sincerely



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