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Service Manager

Elderly Personís Housing

York City Council

York YO19 4TA


25 November 2002


Dear M L 

I would appreciate a chance to discuss various issues related to the proximity of the battle of Fulford site and the new road planned adjacent to the building. This neglected battle took place just 5 days before the clash at Stamford Bridge and 3 weeks before the battle at Hastings that changed the course of this Islandís history.


I am opposing the route of the proposed access road and am writing in the hope that Social Services might take a view which would opposes this route. The City Council planners have doubtless informed you of the Germany Beck development for which a planning application is expected, probably next year. I recognise that there might be some conflict of interest for your department in this matter but hope that the interests of the residents will take priority over those of Planners.


The proposed road will pass just 10 metres from the boundary of the Home. It will be level or above the height of the home. During the 4 years of the construction there will be all the associated heavy goods and after that, the traffic associated with the 600 planned dwellings. This is the only access route planned for private vehicles from the development.


The level of noise and the fumes will be substantial and I suspect will exceed your guidelines or official standards if such exist. This certainly needs to be assessed before any approval is given. I know my own father find the rumble of traffic a very difficult background for his hearing aid to work. Among my other concerns are those of health and safety of people visiting the Home. 


It goes way beyond my brief but it would seem reasonable to me that the developers should pay the Council to relocate the building. The building would not be wasted as it would lend itself well to conversion to the Visitors Centre for the battle site!


I have an extensive website which outlines the course and location of the battle.


Please give me a call if you would like to discuss any of this.


Yours sincerely,





Charles Jones

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