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This is a copy of an internal English Heritage document- What it says is shocking.

English Heritage Doc Ref BP2012/3/E    dated 2 Feb 2012

5.1 On the grounds of probability Germany Beck appears to be the most likelylocation for the battle. Jones' interpretation of the course of the battle is plausibleand is the best fit for the surviving evidence.

5.2 In relation to the forthcoming Selection Guide, it is clear that the Battle of Fulford is ofsufficient historical importance for inclusion in the Register. On the basis of probability,Germany Beck can be identified as the location of the Battle of Fulford and on the basis of Jones' interpretation, a reasonable boundary could be identified focusing on the line of the Germany Beck. It is worth noting that the combination of evidence and reasoning here differs little from that used to determine the location of the registered Battle of Maldon.

5.3 Inclusion in the Register is not obligatory. To include Fulford in the Register at this stage would raise the temperature of discussions regarding the detailed planning application. Following forthcoming development of the site, the site would be very unlikely to merit inclusion in the Register.

5.4 Given the planning history of this site, EH is currently considering responding to the request to Register with advice which recognises that Germany Beck is likely to be the location of the Battle, but that, given the planning situation, refrains from adding the site to the Register.

Text Box: The ‘hot spots’ for my iron finds, exactly match the iron concentrations noted by the developer’s geophysics (previously unseen). What is shocking is that this was not, and is not going to be subject to relevant investigation. These are the small zones where we recovered extensive recycling and smithing-hearth debris. They are unique. Their planned destruction is shameful.


This is a slide from a presentation I gave in York Guildhall on 8 October 2014.


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