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Legal questions, anomalies and contentions at Fulford

Related to the proposed Germany Beck development

  • Is there any redress against inaccuracies in the planning submissions?
  • Can inconvenient papers, withdrawn by the developer, be considered?
  • Do developers owe a duty of care to the law or community?
  • Are the COYC responsible for the accuracy when checking any claims? If not, who is responsible?
  • Why is it not possible to demand access to the flooding and traffic calculations under the freedom of information provisions?
  • Can denial of access for research be legally portrayed as proof of absence? (Logically, absence of proof is not proof of absence)
  • What conditions must be fulfilled before matters can be referred to the minister?

This was the list that I took to a number of meetings with officials and raised in my opening statement at the Public Inquiry.

The sad fact is that there is no enforceable obligation on those presenting evidence to tell the truth.

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