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6 January 2014(By email)


Dear Chief Executive

Shortly before the Christmas break I was sent a copy of the Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI) that is proposed to discharge condition 12 of the planning consent related to the Germany Beck plan. I very quickly responded with several substantial criticisms of the accuracy, relevance and integrity of the document that was sent to me. I will provide my full response in the very near future with even more substantive criticisms which will show that this is an unacceptable document.

I am writing to ask you to clarify the status of this document as I note that the planning application which is still subject to a number of legal actions. The matter is extremely urgent since attempts have already been made to begin work.

I need you to provide specific and relevant answers to each of the questions below. I will not be content with your usual response to my inquiries which assures me that the planning authority is following due process. I have consistently addressed the accuracy of the information with which the process is being provided by your officials. I also listened to members of the public at the reserved matters hearing also telling the planning committee that they were being mis-informed. Please address the questions that I have been raising. I need to know if you are going to allow accurate information to be incorporated into the WSI.

1.       What process of public consultation is planned to agree the investigations and work required to discharge the conditions attached to the planning conditions for Germany Beck?

2.       With respect to condition 12, please list the people and organisations who have been engaged in the preparation of this document. Please supply me with all the drafts and exchanges, plus notes of meetings and discussions that have taken place so far. I am making this request under the Freedom of Information provisions.

3.       At what stage is the planning authority with regard to the agreeing all the planning conditions as of 6 January 2014?

4.       At what stage will the various conditions be deemed to be discharged?

5.       How will the public be informed - Will there be a public announcement that the planning conditions have been discharged?

6.       I note that the LPA is obliged under EIA 2011 regulations to keep the Secretary of State who granted the outline planning permission (eg 16(2) a,22(5)) updated with environmental information. Since matters relating to flooding, water voles, bats, and archaeology has significantly changed since 2006 will you again supply me with all contacts with the SoS, his officials and the relevant government department related to this development under the Freedom of Information provisions.

7.       Please supply me with an outline or detailed design for the changes proposed for the A19 and let me know what archaeological investigations are being undertaken since the work we undertook last summer revealed so much material from the area of the ford, which borders the A19, that a full scale investigation is now being planned.


I look forward to presenting the false evidence and flawed interpretations regarding the archaeology before the High Court and look to you to ensure that the site is not destroyed before that has been done.

Sincerely, Chas Jones

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